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The anniversary patch snuck in the next step of Symmetra and Lucio’s stories

Vishkar, sonic technology, Talon, and Lucio are all linked

Blizzard Entertainment

The new Overwatch Anniversary patch snuck in an unprecedented amount of lobby interactions between heroes. Lobby interactions exist in a neat stage of Schrodinger’s Canon—they are all how characters would interact, and everything they say is based off canon, in-character fact ... but at this point in the story, those characters may not have met, or may not be currently in contact. We can go ahead and look at the interactions from this patch to figure out what the current canon is for certain characters, and what will happen to them next.

First of all, Mercy gives us a revelation about Lucio’s weapon. His sonic technology that can heal, speed boost, or harm was stolen from the Vishkar Corporation in order to fight them off from his home. Mercy comments on that tech:

Mercy: Lucio, I never realized your father was the one who invented Vishkar’s sonic technology.

Lucio: The core tech was his life’s work. Owned and patented by Vishkar... but it’s mine, now.

So did Lucio really steal the tech, or was he just recovering his family’s technology from thieves hiding behind corporate law? Symmetra has her own opinion on this.

Lucio: Vishkar’s using you! Just like they used my father. You just wait. You’ll see.

Symmetra: Your father was a Vishkar employee. He understood our company’s vision. A shame he never educated you.

Symmetra thinks that Lucio’s father was loyal to the company. We don’t know what happened to this man, but he’s referred to in the past tense here. Is he dead? Missing? We don’t know, so his actual point of view is up in the air. Lucio thinks that Vishkar used him, Symmetra thinks that he was a loyal company man.

Symmetra is clear on another topic: Talon. She has no patience for Talon, and sees them as the antithesis of her goals.

Doomfist: Symmetra, I am familiar with your work. I look forward to seeing it in person.

Symmetra: My purpose is to create order. You are the embodiment of chaos.

This is pretty awkward, because Symmetra’s boss (who we see in the comic A Better World and Moira’s origins cinematic) actually works for Talon. He is using her, and so it seems pretty likely he used Lucio’s father as well.

Lucio and Symmetra have been enemies since day one, but the story is angling to put them into contact one way or another ... and maybe it won’t be via combat. Symmetra will eventually find out about her boss’s betrayal, and she’ll know one person who defied Vishkar: Lucio. These interactions could be the beginning of a brewing revolution.