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Roster rule changes are inbound for Overwatch League Season 2

Contenders is getting a major shakeup


Overwatch League’s first season is coming to a close, but the folks behind the scene are already getting ready for season 2.

Teams will start looking to change up their rosters, but there are some new rules in place regarding what they can and cannot do, mainly concerning two-way players in Contenders.

Teams can only have 12 players.

This includes two-way players, who will also count towards the 8-player Contenders roster limit. These players also need to be paid and have benefits.

Two-way players can’t play in OWL if they play in more than two Contenders matches.

At this point, they are considered Contenders players.

Only two players from an OWL roster can compete in a Contenders match at once.

This is mainly to just make sure that Contenders teams don’t end up getting super stacked while also having a bonkers OWL team.

No player can play in both OWL and Contenders in the same week.

See the above reasoning. Also, it’d probably be mentally bad for the players to play so many competitive matches in a week.

That being said, these tweaks shouldn’t dramatically change anything for OWL. They’re mostly a way to make sure that no team is just too dominant. As season one comes to a close, we will likely hear more about season 2, changes, and expansions in the coming weeks.