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The Shanghai Dragons go winless in the first Overwatch League Season

But there’s hope for everyone’s favorite team

Robert Paul for Blizzard Enterta

The first official regular season of the Overwatch League has come to an end. The top six teams are looking ahead to their opponents in the first round of the playoffs, while the other teams in the league look back at what went right and what went wrong in their first Overwatch League season. But, one team has a much longer road to travel toward Season 2 than the rest: The Shanghai Dragons.

The Shanghai Dragons lost 40 straight games in the first season of the Overwatch League. In terms of historical comparisons, there isn’t one. No professional team has lost this many games in a row of anything — a couple of college teams have it worse, but not by much. Despite a dangerous training schedule, the Dragons were unable to scrape out a win, even when against their closest contender: the Florida Mayhem.

Season 2 doesn’t have to be the same bad news for Shanghai, in fact, there’s a lot to look forward to. Early on in the season, it seemed hard to imagine that the Dragons would have many fans. They weren’t a good team, and they didn’t have an American city for local fans to latch on to. But, as the weeks wore on, and the losing continued, the Shanghai Dragons began to draw more and more fans. Sure, it’s not how you want to earn them, but fans are fans and now there’s no team in the league that people are more eager to see succeed.

Speaking of which, the bar for success that Shanghai has to clear in Season 2 is phenomenally low. One win. That’s it. And, they have a solid foundation to build from to make that win happen. With players like Chon “Ado” Gihyeon, Kim “Geguri” Seyeon and Lu “Diya” Weida the Dragons may only be a few players away from at least looking competitive. Sure, these players may not be the best in the league at their role, but with even just a few more good players alongside them, the Dragons could put up a fight in Season 2 that will help them catch up in wins to their Overwatch League competition.