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A mysterious Overwatch teaser could hint at Hero 28

Calm before the storm... of a new hero?

A new teaser from the official Overwatch twitter hints at ... well, we’re not sure yet. This is, after all, the calm before the storm. The teaser looks to take place in King’s Row, although there’s no action - just a still shot of an alleyway with posters and graffiti. There’s an old frayed Lucio poster, a bunch of anti-omnic propaganda ... and then the word “Horizon” and a monkey.

“Building our future in space.” is also prominently part of the image.

This could be a hint as to Hammond, who has been speculated as a hero since the release of... Horizon Lunar Colony. Which is part of a future, being built in space. That being said, early teasers for heroes can often be misleading. The first teaser for Brigitte actually focused on Operation White Dome, the operation that led to Reinhardt’s near fatal injury saving Torbjorn. While that teaser made its way to Brigitte eventually, at first fans speculated that the new character Emre Sarioglu would be Hero 27. So yes, everything seems very Hammond at the moment... but don’t start planning to be a Hammond main quite yet.

What’s also interesting is that the teaser is a video. There’s no movement, but there is a subtle sound that mostly seems to be of city noises or machinery. Could this be another clue as to our next hero?

We’re about due for Hero 28, and time will tell whether we’re about to meet them... and whether they’re linked to Horizon Lunar Colony.