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Who is the most likely Hero 28 for Overwatch?

We’re in the calm - who’s the storm?

Blizzard Entertainment

The weeks before a prospective Overwatch new hero release are always a fun time for theorizing. After the latest teaser of a series of a posters in a dirty-looking alley, creative speculation, theorycrafting and headcanon are all running rife in the community once more as to who Overwatch Hero 28 could be.

New hero releases have followed a pattern so far of alternating between “fan-favourite/requested” and surprises. We could be due a surprise following the fan-favorite release of Brigitte, so naturally there are some pretty interesting theories doing the rounds. Here’s my video roundup of some of the most popular (and a few very creative) theories.

Two characters introduced into the Overwatch universe last year with new map releases are currently leading the speculation polls.

Given the prominence of Horizon posters and primates in the middle of the teaser; Hammond, the mysterious “smaller subject” introduced in Horizon Lunar Colony’s launch last year, is a fan-favorite for Hero 28, or at least being involved in their story. Hammond may have escaped the Lunar Colony by catching a tow on Winston’s escape pod, as new map details in the upcoming map rework suggest.

Two Junkertown posters also potentially adorn the walls. One on the right of the image looks like an obscured “Scrapyard” - the final area of Junkertown known for its mech battles. Speaking of which, the very darkened left-hand side of the wall holds a poster of “Wrecking Ball” - a Junkertown Mech fighter who is also featured on the walls of Junkertown’s in-game map. The Junkertown Queen, also an ex-Scrapyard fighter, went down a storm with the Overwatch community when her likeness was included on the map, and would be a popular choice for a new hero.

One final popular theory right now sees the posters as a timeline, with each showing a piece of a “storm” of upcoming content. The next year of lore could involve Lucio, omnics, Junkertown, and Horizon Lunar Colony.

With the reveal pace of recent Overwatch new hero releases, we shouldn’t have long to wait! There’ll most likely be another, more specific one this week at some point.