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There’s a new Hero 28 teaser rolling in on Overwatch social media

Blizzard’s social team are on the ball with this campaign.

Blizzard Entertainment

The calm before the storm is nearly over, and we have another teaser for what seems to be our next hero. This next hero will be the 28th character to join Overwatch’s roster, and there are plenty of possibilities as to who it could be. The first teaser was extremely mysterious, showing us an alleyway with faded posters and little else. The second teaser gets a little more obvious.

That’s right—a giant ball comes rolling through the King’s Row alleyway. This could be the new hero’s ultimate ability. That being said, in the weird world of Overwatch, it could be the new hero. We could be looking at an omnic, or a mech that’s piloted remotely. The ball could be the hero’s weapon, or it could be the hero... or it could be something that we haven’t figured out altogether yet. Blizzard does love to throw a few curve balls with their hero campaign.

The anti-omnic and Horizon imagery remains prominent in the background, so those may be very relevant hints at our next hero. Hammond or the Queen of Junkertown could be gracing the Overwatch PTR any day now... or we could be seeing a totally new face.