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Overwatch buffs positive players with new social features

Endorse your friends, look for a group, and hide your player profile from sneaky Sombras.

Blizzard Entertainment

So far, Overwatch player behaviour has been far more about the stick than the carrot. While reporting, bans, and other punitive measures have been quite successful, the latest developer update discusses the other side of the coin. A whole host of social features are coming to Overwatch.

First of all, there are endorsements. Sportsmanship can be awarded to the guy who complimented your sweet D.Va ult or the Widowmaker who gave you a tip on your sniper play. Good teammate is the award you grant to people who switch roles or who respond nicely via voice chat. Shotcaller is the third award, meant for those players who take a game by the reins and push their team to victory. Good teammmate and shotcaller can only be awarded to teammates, and sportsmanship is for enemies.

If you maintain a high endorsement level, the game will periodically reward you, so you’ll get more than the feel good fuzzies for playing nice and fair.

The next system that is on its way is Looking For Group. You’ll be able to create a “dream team”, and get very specific on who you’re looking for. You want two tanks, two damage, two healers? Queue up for those roles only. Are you an absolute mad lad who’s fine with everyone on their mains, go for it. There are other options like requiring voice chat and you can name your group to state your intent. The goal is for people to be able to find a similar experience, and LFG ensures everyone will be on the same page right out of the gate.

Player profiles can now be set to private, friends only, or public. Sorry, people who are looking for their teammates’ hours on Mercy, sharing that information is now strictly opt-in.

There will be more social systems on the way, with two incoming this summer and another one just before fall.