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Orisa and Doomfist get buffed, Attack and Defense becomes “Damage” on Overwatch PTR

These gameplay changes clarify the dps role, make Doomfist and Orisa more deadly

Blizzard Entertainment

The latest Overwatch PTR patch has more than just new social features and map and champion reworks. It also contains a few juicy changes to hero balance and even the categories of heroes in the game. For instance, the Attack and Defense categories have been replaced. From now on, there’s Tank, Support, and Damage. This should be a little clearer to new players, especially since characters like Junkrat can be just as efficient at pushing a payload as holding a point.

Two characters are also getting buffed. First up is Doomfist, who’s already received tons of bug fixes and small quality of life changes.


Meteor Strike

Bonus movement speed increased from 150% to 200%

The Best Defense…

Shield gain increased from 30 to 35 for normal abilities

Developer Comments: The increased movement speed on Meteor Strike gives Doomfist new options in how and where to deploy it. His passive is also being increased, allowing him to survive more often when diving into enemies.

Meteor Strike is about to get even scarier, especially because it’s such a heavy damage ability. Characters like D.Va are going to have a harder time escaping it, and it also gives Doomfist the ability to dive deeper. This is especially potent now that his passive shielding is a little stronger. These buffs aren’t game changers, but they do emphasize Doomfist’s strengths.



Ultimate cost reduced by 15%

Orisa’s Supercharger is pretty fragile and can be focused down. Since it has a long cooldown, players can hold onto their ultimate and wait for the perfect moment (which may never arrive.) Now, Supercharger has a faster cooldown, which should compensate for its inbuilt weaknesses and encourage Orisa players to drop it more often.

These balance changes aren’t final, but if they test well, they will make their way to live servers with the next patch.