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Overwatch developers are running a Wrecking Ball stream at 1PM PST

Check out a new legendary skin for Hammond and get some artist insight

Blizzard Entertainment

Arnold Tsang and Ben Zhang, two of Overwatch’s artists, are going to be discussing everything related to the creative development Wrecking Ball on the official Overwatch stream.

This will be an awesome opportunity for fans to learn more about Hammond, AKA Wrecking Ball, and his place in the Overwatch world. The artists will talk about the art and design of Wrecking Ball, their process in creating him, and taking community questions.

In addition to learning more about his gameplay, we’re going to see one of Wrecking Ball’s legendary skins revealed. Legendary skins are always a fun take on a character, and this should be especially true for Wrecking Ball, since he has that interesting sphere silhouette.

The stream is due to kick off at 4PM EST/1PM PST and will last until 6PM EST/4PM PST, so there should be plenty of time to discuss the details in depth about everyone’s favorite genetically modified hamster.