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A new Lucio emote is coming to the Twitch All-Access Pass

Lucio gets one of the neatest emotes in Overwatch — if you’re a Twitch All-Access Pass holder

Blizzard Entertainment

Lucio is a DJ, and Overwatch loves to remind us of this by showing us posters for his latest concert tour, or having other characters remark about his wonderful music. However, outside of a highlight intro, we’ve never actually seen Lucio work his DJ magic. An upcoming emote should fix that. That’s pretty neat! The emote is locked behind the Twitch All-Access Pass, which is also neat.

So far, the All-Access Pass has offered a bevy of bonuses on Twitch, but all of the in-game content it’s offered has been exclusively related to esports. If you’ve been looking for an away skin for your favorite Overwatch team, or a sleek grey and gold skin, you were in luck. The Lucio emote is the first bonus that doesn’t really relate to esports. It’s just an incredibly slick emote that will be fun to spam in spawn or on the payload.

It’s a pretty great setup, and Lucio is clearly producing some tasty beats, but when will we get his Heroes of the Storm boombox that has a little face and dances? Blizzard, please.

Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League All-Access goes for $29.99 and runs on an annual model; subscribers get to keep Twitch emotes, badges and Overwatch in-game content, but must resubscribe for the next season’s worth of goodies. The emote is set to go live on July 24.