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Why do we all blindly trust Overwatch’s new hero?

Hammond AKA Wrecking Ball is a tiny monster.

Blizzard Entertainment

The dust has settled and everyone has had all the time they need to really take in Wrecking Ball, Overwatch’s new hero. I, for one, appreciate his addition to the game and think that tone wise, he’s perfect. The more I dig into his history, however, the more concerned I get. Do... do you think you can leave Hammond alone with like, a house cat? Have we really vetted this little guy?

When Hammond first popped out of the top of his mech and squealed, I was in love. I immediately started spreading what is, frankly, irresponsible material about how we should trust and appreciate Wrecking Ball.

But then, during the recent development livestream, the artists taking questions noted that Wrecking Ball is his in-game name because Hammond is the name granted to him by humans. When Wrecking Ball was let loose into the world, and had agency, he chose his own name, something that fit the way he moved through the world and the way he wanted people to see him. And he chose Wrecking Ball, which is... a little concerning. It’s an aggressive name! Then again, he fell in Junkertown, so maybe that’s just the local flavor rubbing off on him?

If we look at his Junker legendary skin, which represents his time in the scrapyard, he has... a counter. It’s presumably not the number of his opponents he beat, because he “climbed the ranks to become champion.” That doesn’t happen with five fights.

Blizzard Entertainment

Is... is that a kill counter?

Even his mech seems a little apologetic for how rude Wrecking Ball can get. “Profanity filter enabled” is one of his voice lines. Another line is “vocabulary not found. Translation impossible.” What is he trying to communicate?

I don’t think it’s good!

Also, consider how BIG Wrecking Ball is. Look at this spray, which depicts him getting pretty large.

Blizzard Entertainment

I... I think Hammond is big enough that he could grab and eat Ganymede. If you picture it, in your mind’s eye, I think you’ll realize how plausible that scenario is.

When Wrecking Ball was announced, I thought he was a ball of joy. Now, I’m becoming very worried. Forget Talon, guys, who’s checking after the hamster?