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Overwatch’s training robots now say ‘hello’

This isn’t going to make those robots any easier to shoot at

Blizzard Entertainment

Sometimes it’s important to remember that not everything that goes up on the Overwatch Public Test Realm is an earthshaking change. Whether it’s trying to decide whether Wrecking Ball will be over-powered when he gets released or trying to wrap your head around the new support changes Blizzard just released, it’s easy to get caught up in all the balance changes when you log in to the PTR.

But sometimes it’s nice to just get a friendly hello from a training robot.

Thanks to Reddit user BlizzconX, we now have a nice little video of Blizzard’s latest PTR update where the training robots, which used to simply be targets, will now waive back to you. There’s something nice about BlizzconX playing Bastion and waving at his robot cousins.

Of course, this makes it a little more morally murky that you spend most of your time in training mode learning how to shoot these robots, but if you’re comfortable shooting the nice waving robot I guess that’s on you.

This is just a small part of the newest Overwatch PTR build, which includes Wrecking Ball and the new support changes. This update should be released to Overwatch’s live servers sometime next week.