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Pink Mercy raised almost $13 million for charity

Blizzard and fans helped put together one of the BCRF’s largest donations ever

Blizzard Entertainment

Earlier this year, Blizzard released a new Overwatch skin designed specifically to help raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The skin was released on May 8, and was available for purchase through May 21. Unlike most Overwatch skins, which are only available for purchase through loot boxes, this skin was available for purchase for $15 USD with all proceeds going directly to the BCRF. Blizzard also made T-Shirts available for fans which also went toward the charity. A selection of streamers ran charity streams which raised additional donations towards the total.

In the end, according to Blizzard, this event helped put together the largest donation ever by a single company in a year at more than $12.7 million. Blizzard also partnered with a few streamers for a charity event stream which raised over $130,000 on its own.

In celebration of these very successful charity events and the money they were able to help raise, Blizzard has put together a neat collection of fan artwork to help commemorate the fundraising campaign.