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Overwatch writing team adds Nebula Award winner Alyssa Wong

Hopefully this will mark a new direction for Overwatch lore

Alyssa Wong

The Overwatch team has just gained its newest member as Nebula Award-winning writer Alyssa Wong announced this week that she was hired as a writer for the game.

Despite only beginning to publish work in 2014, Wong is already an incredibly accomplished author, particularly in short fiction, a category that has earned her both a World Fantasy Award and a Nebula Award, as well as a Losuc Award for Best Novelette.

While the team behind Overwatch have created good narratives and stories for the game so far, the lore of Overwatch has consistently felt rudderless since its release. The release of comics and cinematics have also noticeably slowed. In November 2016, the graphic novel Overwatch: First Strike was cancelled.

But, with such a talent and accomplished writer as Wong joining the team as a new addition, hopefully she will have the chance to do more than write brief, unconnected short stories about the Overwatch universe. Instead, perhaps Wong’s hiring will help push Overwatch’s lore forward.