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Oh no: These new Overwatch Pachimaris are here, and they’re cute

I love all of them like my own children

Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch pachimari is a humble creature that is half octopus, half onion, and sits in arcades and on top of payloads. They’re the kind of thing meant to build out the world, a piece of merchandise that is popular among the denizens of the Overwatch utopia. Unfortunately, their charm has broken through that barrier and players have also fallen in love with them. They’re smiling, they’re bright eyed, they’re occasionally evil or wearing a crown — there’s just a lot to love about the pachimari.

Blizzard have given in and just released six new pachimari plushies. They’re small enough to hang, but big enough to squish. Most importantly, they capture the full range of the pachimari experience.

You’ve got standard pachimaris, heart-eyed pachimaris, evil vampire pachimaris, Lunar New Year Pachimaris, and Junkertown payload pachimaris. That is a benevolence of pachimaris that will suit any player, even the most hard hearted Reaper main.

Also, they squeak, and I don’t know what else you want out of a plush.

The pachimari mini plushes are available for $8.00 USD each.