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Overwatch’s Summer Games return August 9th

Lucio Ball! New skins! It’s time for Overwatch’s summer event to take center stage

Blizzard Entertainment

Do you like summer? Do you like games? If that’s the case, you’ll be thrilled with Overwatch’s Summer Games events returning on August 9th.

Lucio Ball will, as always, be front and center. The announcement from Blizzard has everyone’s favorite DJ engaging in a rousing round of Lucio Ball, but we can also expect a round of new skins alongside the event. The first year of Lucio Ball gave us Olympics themed skins, and the second year granted characters more generically summer based looks, including a Widowmaker skin where her visor is replaced with some snazzy shades.

The action in this year’s Summer Games will be taking place in Busan Stadium, Korea. We may also get a rules adjustment to keep the action in the game mode fresh and competitive.

We can expect further details about the Summer Games event in the coming days. All cosmetics from the previous two years will be unlocked at a discount price, along with some new goodies.