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A new Overwatch animated short is coming - but who’s the star?

Who gets the next big Overwatch spotlight?

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has confirmed that another Overwatch cinematic is on its way, and fans are extremely hype. It’s been a long while since we had a cinematic last; Reinhardt and Brigitte’s Honor and Glory was shown at BlizzCon 2017. While Honor and Glory was a fantastic cinematic, it wasn’t enough to sate the appetite of Overwatch lore fans, who are very ravenous these days.

There’s just the question of who — or what — the cinematic will be about. This likely won’t be an Infiltration style of short where a new hero is revealed; we just got Wrecking Ball, and the timing isn’t right to roll out another hero. Instead, it seems more likely that the cinematic will focus on an existing member of the cast. The GamesCom Blizzard poster may hold a very interesting clue.

Blizzard Entertainment

The Blizzard Gamescom banner has a representative of every major Blizzard franchise, and it usually suggests some kind of importance. Dr. Boom in the bottom left is the star of the latest Hearthstone expansion, Yrel was recently added to Heroes of the Storm, and Azshara is the one of the current big bads in World of Warcraft. Overwatch is represented by D.Va. Now, this doesn’t 100 percent mean D.Va’s getting a short; BlizzCon’s art had Doomfist representing Overwatch and he didn’t get a short... but if the developer just wanted to highlight a recently released and currently relevant hero, why not go with Wrecking Ball?

It’s only two days until we get answers, but smart money is on Hana Song getting the big stage.