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These legendary Overwatch skins are coming to the Summer Games

Check out these sporty summer skins

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Summer Games have arrived! Blizzard teased the legendary skins on Twitter this year, but players can also unlock new emotes, sprays, and victory poses. This year, we’re getting a healthy mix of both sports skins and characters who are now outfitted for some fun in the sun.

Here’s a look at what legendary skins are available this year.

Waveracer D.Va

D.Va’s skins are always cute, and this one is no exception. Hana’s ready to hit the surf and ride some waves with her new MEKA, and her pilot suit is replaced with threads much more appropriate for the beach. D.Va already has a strong skin line (Cruiser, Black Cat, and Palanquin are all great legendaries), but Waveracer is perfect for the Summer Games.


Reinhardt’s a sporting chap, so it’s no surprise he’s suited up to play this Summer Games. Gridironhardt makes him part of the Gryphons football team, who currently reign as champions. I have a feeling charging into enemy lines is going to be very satisfying in this skin.

Catcher Winston

Prefer baseball? Catcher Winston’s taking to the field with some heavy padding and sweet shades. Winston’s skins tend to be at their best when they’re on the sillier side, and Catcher Winston is a fun take on the giant gorilla.

Cabana Ana

Ana has a voice line remarking that combat is a much better retirement than a cabana on the beach. Turns out, with her new Summer Games skin, she can actually enjoy both! Ana is wearing shades over her eyepatch, which is an incredible look, and she’s also rocking a big yellow flower in her hair. Ana’s had a tough life, so it’s nice to see her go on vacation.

Lacrosse Roadhog

He’s big, he’s masked, he’s ready to play some good, wholesome lacrosse. Lacrosse Roadhog is one of the neatest Summer Games skins yet; it turns the Junker into an athlete you do not want to meet in the field. It’ll still be terrifying to get hooked by this absolute unit, but at least he’ll be more sporting about it.

Fastball Zenyatta

This skin is extremely silly and extremely amazing. Zenyatta has some of the best skins in the game, from the spooky Cultist to the beautiful Sanzang. Despite his great range of skins, he has not been able to hurl fastballs at people. Fastball Zenyatta fixes this error and allows player to have a ball with this omnic support. Batter up!

Epic Flag Skins

Sombra is getting a nice epic skin in the colors of her nation. The newest sizzle teaser reveals that Brigitte and Moira are also getting these nice, country-affiliated skins. This is a return to the original Summer Games epic skins, where characters like Widowmaker and McCree wore the colors of their country over their typical garb. This is just a nice, clean skin—it’s not fancy, but it shows some national pride and looks nice.

The Summer Games are set to debut on Aug. 9 and are set in Busan, Korea this year. This post will be updated with new skin teasers as they debut on the official Overwatch Twitter account.