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Busan, Overwatch’s newest control map, is now live

A three zone control map with tons of cool visuals

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s newest map, Busan is available for players today, Blizzard announced on Twitter early Tuesday afternoon.

Busan is a control map featuring three points for players to fight over, Sanctuary, Downtown and MEKA Base. Sanctuary takes place in an ancient temple surrounded by traditional Korean architecture. Downtown sprawls through the streets of Busan with a PC bang, Karaoke bar and even a light rail station. Finally, MEKA base is the home of D.Va and her squad of pilots, the the first line of defense between South Korea and the omnics that threaten the country.

The control map was revealed during Korea’s Overwatch Fan Festival late last month, where Jeff Kaplan wanted fans to understand the level of detail and thought that was put into representing the real life city in the map.Blizzard carefully designed the map to ensure that it blended elements of historical and modern day South Korea, just like the real Busan. The creators of the map even went so far as to find local musicians in Korea to play traditional Korean instruments to provide the music for the map.