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You can have your very own official Genji sword, which is nice

The dragon becomes ... you?

Blizzard Entertainment

Have you ever wanted your very own Genji sword? If you say no, look deep inside yourself and ask why you’re incapable of feeling joy. If yes, Blizzard has you covered with a new upcoming replica of Genji’s famous dragonblade. This baby has a sheath, LED lights, a decorative stand and even sound effects.

This sword goes for $200, which isn’t too bad, especially when you consider that all of your friends will whisper among themselves in awe when they see it on your mantle. “Is that Genji’s sword?” they’ll ask themselves. You’ll chuckle knowingly to yourself. “No,” you’ll say. “It’s my sword.”

Not only is it decorative, but its sound effects are motion-activated, thus meaning you’ll only get the full value of your purchase if you get out there and swing it around. This sword looks pretty fantastic, but we beg of you — do not bring it to any Nerf battles once the full line of Overwatch nerf cosmetics are out. First of all, we’re not sure you can deflect incoming projectiles with the style and grace of Genji. Second of all, you are not a Shimada and hence cannot actually summon the dragons.

The Genji sword is currently available for pre-order, with an estimated ship date of December 15th.