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This new Overwatch Bastet short is the cat’s meow

Community animator dillongoo depicts Bastet literally

Community animator dillongoo has created some fantastic works before, ranging from anime crossovers with Overwatch to his popular Katsuwatch series where everyone in Overwatch has been turned into adorable cats. It’s a simple concept, but hey, it works. Blizzard evidently agrees, as it commissioned dillongoo to create a Katsuwatch animation that ties into the recent Ana Bastet challenge. We can assume that this depiction probably isn’t strictly canon, but it does depict how terrifying going up against the vigilante Ana in the streets of Cairo might be.

Players still have time to unlock the Bastet skin on their own account, although presumably the in-game version of Ana isn’t quite so adorable. Come to think of it, if Ana had this level of mobility in-game, she probably would be a much higher tier of hero.

The Bastet event continues until Jan. 21, at which point the skin will be retired. Players can obtain the skin by winning nine games in any game mode.