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Overwatch’s Lunar New Year 2019 event, celebrating the pig, starts Jan. 24

Get ready for year of the pig

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is moving forward to celebrate the Lunar New Year for 2019 with this year’s event, Year of the Pig.

Last year, for Year of the Dog, we were treated to an adorable puppy rumble that saw rescue dogs adopted to good homes. We’re not 100 percent sure what will unfold for Year of the Pig, but I’d be down for watching some baby pigs tumble. What we do know is that the event is set to kick off on Jan. 24, along with a suite of new seasonal skins.

Blizzard Entertainment

I’m going to go ahead and make some bold predictions here: We’re going to see a new skin for Roadhog (It’s! His! Year!!!) and we may even see Ashe’s first new legendary skin after her launch in November. Capture the Flag will likely receive some love as well, in line with previous year’s celebrations. Hopefully, the skins remain as stunning as the previous year, where characters were decked out in their finest regalia.

Blizzard says teasers for new skins will go live on the official Overwatch Twitter account starting tomorrow, Jan. 18, and continue until Jan. 23.