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Check out these Overwatch Lunar New Year legendary skins

Reaper, Reinhardt, and Hanzo are all rocking new looks

Overwatch - Mei, Mercy, and Roadhog with Lunar New Year 2018 skins
Mei, Mercy, and Roadhog in their Lunar New Year 2018 skins.
Blizzard Entertainment

The official Overwatch Twitter account was kind enough to give us a sneak peek of some of the upcoming skins for the Lunar New Year event, which begins on Jan. 24. Not only will last year’s skins be knocked down to 1,000 credits each — which isn’t a bad deal, considering how elaborate and gorgeous those skins were — but we’re getting a whole new set of goodies. This time, the theme seems to be skins based on famous warlords, generals, and heroes from Chinese history.

First of all, Reaper’s stepping up his personal style with a Lu Bu skin.

Even if you’re not a Reaper fan, I think you can admit that’s a pretty sweet skin.

Hanzo is another hero who’s getting a skin based off a historical figure, and it’s a much more serious take than we’ve seen from a lot of his recent skins. Finally, everyone’s favorite veteran Reinhardt is rocking a new jade dragon set of armor as Guan Yu.

Torbjorn is joining the line up with a seasonal skin of his own, donning a Zhang Fei costume that still manages to keep the aesthetic you’d expect from the diminutive engineer.

If you’re looking for another sleek take on Zenyatta’s normal omnic form, you’ll be very pleased with Zhuge Liang Zhenyatta, which is not his first Lunar New Year skin, but is quite arguably his best one. He continues the trend BOB set of giving omnics facial hair, and we very much approve.

Hasn’t it been too long since we got a Tracer legendary skin? I’m glad you agree.

Hong Gildong Tracer, another legendary skin, gives our speedster a new set of apparel and a new look for her chronoaccelerator.

We can likely expect a few more skin reveals to show up before Jan. 24, and we’ll update this post with any new previews.