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Overwatch introduces a new Ana short story, skin, and mission

A surprise lore dump hits Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans have been keeping their eyes peeled for a balance patch this week, and game director Jeff Kaplan also noted that there would be a “cool little surprise” coming. We’re pretty sure that cool surprise just hit: There’s a new Ana short story, “Bastet,” that is accompanied by a skin and a new mission.

“Bastet,” written by Michael Chu, takes place after the Old Soldiers comic where Soldier: 76 and Ana meet in Egypt while pursuing Gabriel Reyes, AKA Reaper. Old Soldiers was one of the meatier lore comics we’ve gotten since Overwatch’s launch, and it’s very interesting to see Blizzard follow up with this particular plot thread.

Ana and Jack Morrison make up one of the smaller factions in the current world of Overwatch, and the map Necropolis shows what their current living situation is like. “Bastet” goes into a little more detail about their current lives, and its pretty grim. The two of them are working together, just like the old days, but age and time weighs heavily on them both. There are even hints at one of Jack Morrison’s past loves, a man named Vincent, who is apparently happier than Soldier: 76 could ever make him. Then again, Jack shows a flair for the dramatic a few times during this story.

This is the first lore we’ve gotten outside of the cinematics in quite some time, and it will apparently be accompanied by an in-game mission and skin as well. We’ve reached out to Blizzard Entertainment for more details on the mission and what it might entail.