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Paris, the newest Overwatch assault map, is now live

Bienvenue à Paris

Overwatch - Luna, the singing omnic. Blizzard Entertainment

Paris, the Overwatch map that has been tested on the PTR, goes live today on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. An assault map, Paris is light on lore but heavy on gorgeous locations and flavor. Players can tickle the ivories, listen to the crooning of an omnic singer named Luna, and explore some very fashionable districts.

There’s a lot of visual effort put into Paris, but there isn’t much in the way of lore. This isn’t a map that goes into existing heroes’ past or present, like Horizon Lunar Colony or Necropolis. Instead, it’s all about introducing a new location into Overwatch, futuristic Eiffel tower and all. There are a few Easter eggs on the map, including a reference to Junkrat and Roadhog’s “A Moment in Crime” animated trailer.

Paris also shows signs of Omnic-Human tension, with graffiti littering the streets. Players can find wanted posters in the police station with several omnics, one of whom seems to be from Sombra’s Origins short, while the rest look like new characters. Could this be a hint as to future heroes or characters?

We’re due to hear news of a new character soon, if previous years’ releases are any indication. For now, though, players should focus on taking the point and working with their allies on the brand new map.