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Overwatch posts Talon-themed Twitter teaser for... Hero 30?

Who is Baptiste, and why is Talon hunting him?

Blizzard Entertainment

It’s a very special time of year for Overwatch fans. The end of February has been, for the last two years, the time when a new hero is teased and eventually put on the Public Test Realm. Orisa was teased in 2017, and Brigitte followed in 2018. Now, we’re all on the edge of our seat waiting for the newest announcement. While Ashe joining the roster in December was a welcome addition, she’s also a high skill cap damage hero — in short, not for everyone. When only three new heroes are released a year, every new addition is a pretty substantial change to the game.

That’s why this Twitter teaser, which looks like someone is infiltrating a Talon network, is so exciting.

Clicking that link takes us to a file written by a Talon agent who is hunting someone named “Baptiste”. Baptiste is noted to be a good shot — especially for a medic.

Blizzard Entertainment

Talon is trying to bring Baptiste back, as it seems this Baptiste has left the criminal organization. What’s interesting is Talon expects there’s a chance he may come along as a friendly ally ... or stay behind as a corpse. That suggests some level of nuance between Talon and Baptiste. Talon is rarely known for their nuance, what with the brainwashing and terrorism.

We’ve gotten a healthy amount of Talon lore since launch, with the release of Doomfist and his comic Masquerade, the Rialto map, and several comics and cinematics. It’ll be interesting to see where this latest bit of Talon lore goes, and whether a new hero waits at the end.