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OMG: Sombra and Baptiste are canonically friends

That’s!!! so!!! cute!!!

Blizzard Entertainment

With Baptiste incoming to Overwatch, the developers took some time to answer fan questions about his lore and kit. It’s definitely worth reading the whole AMA, especially if you’re curious about what Baptiste eats (answer: a lot). One answer really jumped out as I read through the Q&A, and it has lots of exciting implications.

Does Baptiste have any relationship with Sombra?

Alyssa Wong: Baptiste and Sombra met for the first time while both were working for Talon. Over time, they became good friends. Sombra likes to keep an eye on everything, but she’s also looking out for Baptiste, even though he left Talon. It’s always nice to see what her old buddy has been up to.

What?! That’s incredible! We all know from Infiltration and Sombra’s origins short that she’s not loyal to Talon. For her, the terrorist organization is a means to an end. Talon also knows that Sombra isn’t 100 percent loyal, so they’re all smiles above but knives out beneath the table. That’s a very cool and compelling dynamic, and it makes sense that Sombra is the one member of Talon that Baptiste might have connected with.

This also means that the two of them might have some fun interactions in game, and hopefully that will translate into some advanced lore. We’re coming up on the yearly Archives event; maybe Talon will take the spotlight this time.

By the way, just because they’re friends doesn’t mean Sombra will go easy on Baptiste. Her hack will be adjusted to disable Baptiste’s boot boosting passive by the time the new hero hits live servers.