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Overwatch’s latest PTR patch buffs Junkrat and Reaper

Reaper is getting some sick aerials

Blizzard Entertainment

There’s a new Overwatch patch sitting on the PTR. As always, there’re bug fixes and balance changes. While there aren’t any serious hero overhauls in this patch, Junkrat and Reaper are getting some pretty decent buffs.

Junkrat’s grenades are getting easier to control. The travel time of Junkrat’s grenades has increased from 20 to 25. Grenades now explode sooner but bounce less. With the speed increase and speed of explosion, it should be easier to make grenades explode on enemy impact.

Reaper’s changes are a bit more stylish. Reaper can now use his Shadow Step ability in mid-air. It now takes half the time to exit Shadow Step as it did before. Reaper can also teleport on railings and other breakable items — if you want to look real cool. The best buff is that Reaper will stay invisible until he’s fully emerged from Shadow Step.

These buffs should make Reaper a bit more viable — he will be a bit more sneaky now. You’ll have to watch your flank, lest he appear out of nowhere with a Death Blossom.

The only other Hero buffs are for Symmetra. While not a damage buff, railings and other breakable items won’t block Symmetra’s teleporter. This includes placing the teleporter and actually teleporting through it. The ultimate isn’t getting more powerful, but it’ll definitely be less annoying to use.

The victory pose system is also getting an update. You can now ask the game to randomly select a pose for you when you win. After all, variety is the spice of life. The rest of the patch is mostly filled with bug fixes.

It’s currently unknown when this patch will release onto live servers. It’s also worth keeping in mind that not all of these changes will make it to the live version. You can download the PTR and try these changes out for yourself through the desktop application.