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Dafran retires from the Overwatch League; moves to streaming

Ending a run through stage one

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Blizzard Entertainment

Daniel “Dafran” Francesca joined the Atlanta Reign, completed a stage, and became arguably the most popular player in the entire League. He sold the highest total amount of custom jerseys, beating even the season one MVP Jjonak. That’s certainly a big achievement, and Dafran is ending his run on a high note. Today, the Atlanta Reign announced that Dafran is retiring.

Dafran had publicly struggled with the pressure of being a player in the league. He told the Reign he would retire a week prior to the stage one playoffs, and will be leaving the team before stage two commences.

Throughout his short tenure in the Overwatch League, Dafran popped off with some iconic performances, including playing Torbjorn on the stage. Dafran was banned from Overwatch in 2017, but he was able to reform his conduct and pass the necessary background checks to join professional play.

Dafran will continue to work with the Atlanta Reign as a streamer.