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Overwatch releases a lore trailer for tomorrow’s Storm Rising event

Genji, Winston, Mercy, and Tracer meet Maximilien

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Twitter account has posted the lore trailer for this year’s Archives event.

In Storm Rising, Tracer, Genji, Winston, and Mercy team up to chase down Talon accountant Maxmilien in Havana, Cuba in an attempt to kneecap the terrorist organization. We also get to hear two new voices in this trailer: Maximilien himself, who has previously only appeared in comics and cameos, and the return of Sojourn. Sojourn briefly appeared in a mission briefing teaser in a conversation with Strike-Commander Morrison. Now, it appears as though she’ll be assisting the Overwatch heroes with their mission.

There are also some dynamic elements in this trailer that might end up appearing in the mission itself for players to experience. Vehicle combat is a thing; Tracer gets on a motorcycle while Genji prepares to cut Maximilien’s car out of its way. That may be contained to cutscenes, or players might get to try some new toys. It also looks as though the weather changes, with both sunny skies and an outright hurricane both being displayed in the trailer.

Storm Rising launches tomorrow and continues through May 6. Previous cosmetics and missions will be available as well, allowing players to unlock Retribution and Uprising skins and sprays at a lower cost.