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Overwatch Archives begins today, along with a free trial and sale

Choo choo, here comes the event train

Blizzard Entertainment

The newest Overwatch event, Storm Rising, kicks off today. This adds a new ‘Archives’ mission to the game, along with the return of the previous two co-op adventures. Archives is the most anticipated event of the year, and so Blizzard is sweetening the pot with a free trial and a sale on Overwatch.

The free trial will give players access to all content, and will run until April 23. Free trial players will also be able to keep their progress and cosmetic content if they choose to purchase the game on the same account.

The standard edition will be available for 25 percent off, with a 50 percent price drop on the legendary edition. Players who already own the standard edition will be able to upgrade to the legendary edition for 75 percent off.

The legendary edition comes with a collection of skins, including the lore-friendly Origin skins. The sale will run until April 28.

Overwatch Archives is set to run until May 6.