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Havana, Cuba is the newest Overwatch map on the PTR

Return to Cuba, six years later

Blizzard Entertainment

Havana, the site of the newest Overwatch Archives event, is coming to the standard map rotation. The map will have some differences — for instance, there’s no longer a storm rising, and so Havana will be brighter and cheerier — but will otherwise be quite recognizable from its Archives iteration. This is similar to Rialto, an escort map which was first shown in the Archives mission Retribution.

Havana will be tested for two to four weeks, then released onto live servers. It’ll take some more time before it is entered into play for the Overwatch League; we’ll likely see it in stage three.

The payload element of Archives will carry over into the PVP map. Havana will include escorting a payload to its destination, with the attackers pushing down streets and claiming the rum distillery. While the tweet’s video title identifies it as an assault map, the developers have clarified it is an escort map.

The map looks much more appealing in sunlight; Havana’s bright colors and fun architecture makes for an interesting environment. After Maximilien was taken by Overwatch, it’s unclear who ended up filling that power void in the city. Havana may just be full of interesting lore clues to be uncovered.