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Dig into the lore interactions in Overwatch’s new mission, Storm Rising

Lots of chit chat between the squad

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Archives has always been a revealing event for lore fans, and Storm Rising is no exception.

We’ve received our third slice of action from Overwatch’s past, and with Storm Rising set just six years before roughly “present day” in the timeline, we’re getting closer to finding out the true events behind why Overwatch was disbanded in disgrace.

Outside of the mysterious omnic that Doomfist forges an alliance with at the end of the event cinematic, there’s a fair amount of character lore and world lore filled out by the in-game interactions.

0:57 Tracer Interactions

7:40 - Winston Interactions

11:39 - Genji Interactions

12:49 - Mercy Interactions

14:47 - Sojourn Interactions and Dialogue

It’s a troubled time for Overwatch in general. Tracer and Mercy reflect on how Reinhardt is doing after some event. Keep an eye on this storyline — it feels set to be either a short story, or comic in future, given the amount it’s been built up.

We also hear of arguments between Morrison and Reyes, Winston’s concerns for the future, and speculation on what mission failure could mean for the Strike Team.

With an MIA Captain Ana Amari, some new brass is also introduced. Sojourn, an Overwatch Captain shown as a face in both Winston’s Recall and Ana’s Origin Trailer, is running the mission.

She receives some interesting character background through her interactions with the squad. Sojourn feels like she could be an interesting tease for a future hero — stick her on the long list!

On the lighter side of things, there’s debate about Winston’s tax return situation and its various complexities, the squad mocking each other a lot, and a lot of joy for those amongst the Overwatch community who love the idea of Mercy and Genji being more than good friends. She makes terrible coffee by the way — that’s now canon!