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Overwatch fans are already going wild in the new Workshop

I want to play them all

Blizzard Entertainment

The new Workshop mode in Overwatch is meant to empower fans, allowing them to alter the game, change the rules, and come up with their own custom game modes. The Workshop was added to the game’s test servers yesterday, but fans have already created lots of fun spins on the existing Overwatch formula.

Bumper cars!

u/randmaf on Reddit created a bumper cars mode, where twelve Wrecking Balls take to the field to engage in some bump and tumble. In the comments, users start to plot how they could incorporate a Hanzo ultimate or Dragonblade to turn this existing mode into a Beyblade title. The code for this mode is VDEGF.

A new skate title

What if you prefer Lucio to Hammond? u/kalomm created a game where you play Lucio and you want to maximize your speed via wall-riding. Make it to the objective in the lowest time possible! The code SVQ6T will allow you to give this challenge a try.

Different perspectives

Another fan created a third-person take on Overwatch (over-the-shoulderwatch?), which is a new perspective on the game. It’s fascinating to watch a character like Bastion swap forms and move through Petra at this angle. Give it a shot yourself with the code NVFTS.

If you prefer a top-down camera, that’s possible too!

Bringing a RPG into Overwatch

One particularly ambitious project by u/ES_Curse is called the OWRPG. The 1.0 release has two codes, one for defense: WQRVZ, and one for offense, 4Z7GX. This is a PVE mode where heroes rank up over time, from level 1 to level 5. Their stats scale and abilities unlock per level, and experience is gained from doing damage to enemies. It’ll be fascinating to see if long-term plans like this can evolve over the Workshop’s lifespan.


What if Overwatch had a system where time only moved when you moved (aks Superhot)? In a clip (appropriately, from Tracer’s point of view), /u/armanatz shows off what happens when Blizzard’s hero FPS meets the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years.

Workshopping it out

Finally, some fans are using the Workshop in order to work out some frustrations that have piled up during the last three years. For instance, your team won’t get on the payload. Unless you play a custom mode where the payload is magnetic.

Or how about a tool for Reinhardts where they can make sure their entire group STAY BEHIND THE SHIELD FOR JUST ONE MINUTE WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT.

Right now, the workshop is a tool for discovery, where people are trying grappling Roadhogs, climbing Torbjorns, insta-destructing Brigittes, and turret form Bastions that slide around seeking down targets to shoot. It’s fascinating to watch the flurry of ideas and alternatives to Overwatch fans are creating, and even so early on, so many of these ideas look like a ton of fun. What will these modes look like in a month, or a year?