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Overwatch World Cup is set to return for 2019

Who will be victorious?

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

While the Overwatch League is working its way through stage two, we learned that the Overwatch World Cup is set to make a return. The Overwatch World Cup gathers the best players for each nation, and pits them against each other in an ongoing tournament that culminates at BlizzCon. South Korea have been the dominant force so far in the World Cup, but will this be the year they lose their crown?

This year, the proceedings will be more compressed, taking place in Anaheim, over one week of play. This tournament will be broadcast globally.

Blizzard Entertainment

Because of the shorter span of competition, there will be multiple matches played simultaneously. Each match will be available to watch via a fully staffed broadcast on stream.

World Cup points will be awarded to teams based off previous performance. Points will accrue based off recency of results. A gold medal from 2018 will be with 10 points, but a gold medal from 2017 will be worth only 50 percent of that, and 25 percent for a gold medal from 2016.

In the weeks to come, voting will open for fans to determine the competition committee for each World Cup team. This will allow them to choose a general manager, social media manager, and determine who will be helping their nation’s players compete for the gold at BlizzCon 2019.