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Overwatch teases a Storm Rising follow-up with a lore tweet

Thanks for the tip, Max

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Archives is still in progress, and will wrap up on May 6. Today, Blizzard posted a tweet that suggests that we may be seeing some kind of follow-up, although it’s unclear whether that means a comic, a cinematic, a short story, or something in-game. There are a lot of possibilities here, and it’s intriguing to guess what could possibly come next.

The tweet is a decrypted Overwatch file of Maximilien’s interrogation, which takes place after the events of Storm Rising. Storm Rising ends with the Overwatch squad apprehending Maximilien and asking for an introduction. This log seems to confirm the introduction is with Doomfist, and not the mysterious omnic who was revealed at the end of the event.

This audio log, which took place six years ago in the Overwatch canon, has Maximilien telling us that Doomfist will be in Singapore in three weeks.

It’s possible that this leads to the Doomfist Origins animation, where three members of the Storm Rising squad — Tracer, Genji, and Winston — apprehend Doomfist after a brutal battle where Tracer is synced out of time and Genji is seriously injured. However, this raises further questions. Why drop a teaser for a past trailer? Why wasn’t Mercy involved? Did the Origins animation take place in Singapore?

We have seen Talon receive a lot of love in the past few content updates. Talon’s former medic, Baptiste, is the game’s newest hero, and Archives gave him a Talon skin. We also have a Talon squad with era-appropriate skins, suggesting that one day we may be able to see a Talon Archives event.

Right now, everything’s up in the air and nothing’s certain, but this could lead to some big things in Overwatch.