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A mysterious lore teaser suggests a new Overwatch event

What’s happening in Havana?

Blizzard Entertainment

We’ve recently been granted a new hero, Baptiste, and it looks like a new map or event may also be on the way. This is the time of year that Overwatch Archives tends to roll out, along with a PVE mission starring the Overwatch cast, so fans are keeping their eyes peeled for any hints. Today, we just got a big clue that something is on the way: a news article about the current situation in Havana, Cuba.

A fictional article by Marise Solis describes Don Rumbotico and his rum business. Over time, this business has apparently gotten so large that its roots have been forgotten. It looks like Havana has some new private investors who are buying up a lot of land and businesses in the area ... and staffing them with private guards. That’s definitely a little ominous, and it sounds like it could make for a new map.

Havana, Cuba has also shown up in the Numbani airport on the PTR, further suggesting that the city is a destination players will be visiting soon.

A second, shorter article follows the one about Don Rumbotico. Florida and the Bahamas are bracing for Hurricane Fernand, a category three storm that is originating to the north and traveling towards Guardalavaca and Havana. Civilians are being evacuated and government officials expect the storm to cause serious damage.

All of this is very intriguing, and we’ll have to see if this is a teaser for Archives, a new map, or something else. There’s a lot of potential to this mysterious teaser, and we’ll have to see whether it ties into Baptiste’s story or takes us somewhere completely new.