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Overwatch Archives is on the way, with a mission against Talon

A future hero? A chase against Maximilien?

Blizzard Entertainment

A new lore teaser has dropped for this year’s Overwatch Archives, and it’s full of interesting information. This mission will take place in the past, but is confirmed to take place after Operation: White Dome (where Reinhardt was grievously injured in saving Torbjorn’s life), and the King’s Row operation from Archives 2017. A woman named Sojourn talks to Strike-Commander Morrison about “following the money” behind Talon, which leads to the omnic accountant Maximilien.

Thanks to yesterday’s lore teaser, we know Maximilien has settled in Havana, Cuba, where he’s been buying local businesses and converting them into massive moneymaking operations staffed with private guards.

Maximilien has never appeared in-game, but he has several appearances in extended lore around Overwatch. He plays a prominent part in the comic Doomfist: Masquerade, and is a member of the Talon council in the current day. While Overwatch took him down in the past Archives mission, we can assume he later escaped or was released.

This lore teaser not only shines light on where we’ll be going for the next Archives event, but we learn who will be in charge (Tracer), and even the identity of a potential future hero. Sojourn sounds like a confident lady and she clearly has some authority in Overwatch. Could we see her in a future update?

Overwatch Archives will begin this month; a “save the date” will be released by Blizzard in the days to come.