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Overwatch Anniversary starts tomorrow, brings new skins and dances

The best Winston skin ... ever?!

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is already three years old! Time flies when you’re practicing your Rocket Barrages on Pharah and trying to master Baptiste’s Immortality Field. The Anniversary Event serves as a “greatest hits” of Overwatch, and instead of introducing new content it largely focuses on revisiting all updates and events from the past. This year’s event will run from May 21 through June 10.

This year, the anniversary update brings six new legendary skins and three epic skins, as well as dance emotes for this year’s new heroes: Baptiste, Ashe, and Wrecking Ball.

All previous cosmetic items are back in the shop as well, meaning that if you missed an event or finally saved up enough credits for a sweet skin, now’s your opportunity. Players can also revisit seasonal brawls, from the Archives missions (including Storm Rising) to Junkenstein’s Revenge. All previous seasonal loot will be in Anniversary loot boxes as well.

Not only is Overwatch going to be celebrating its anniversary tomorrow, but we’ll also be treated to a free trial that runs from May 21 through May 28. Free trials include all content, and they’re a great way to get a friend into the game.

We’ve already had two of the event legendary skins that will be added revealed via the official Overwatch Twitter:

Gargoyle Winston is one of the best skins in the game yet, and adds a whole new dimension to everyone’s third-favorite scientist in Overwatch.

In addition, we got to see the D.Va skin that Jeff Kaplan predicted would “break the Internet.”