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Overwatch News

Overwatch News on Heroes Never Die

Replays, balance changes come to the Overwatch PTR

Overwatch Anniversary starts tomorrow, brings new skins and dances

The Shock down the Titans and claim the crown as Stage 2 kings

Overwatch’s newest map, Havana, goes live

Overwatch teases a Storm Rising follow-up with a lore tweet

Overwatch World Cup is set to return for 2019

Havana, Cuba is the newest Overwatch map on the PTR

Overwatch Archives begins today, along with a free trial and sale

Overwatch releases a lore trailer for tomorrow’s Storm Rising event

Overwatch Archives is on the way, with a mission against Talon

A mysterious lore teaser suggests a new Overwatch event

Overwatch’s latest PTR patch buffs Junkrat and Reaper

The Overwatch test patch includes new Zenyatta and Lucio nerfs

Overwatch posts Talon-themed Twitter teaser for... Hero 30?

Paris, the newest Overwatch assault map, is now live

Exploring Paris, Overwatch’s latest PTR map

Overwatch League’s All-Access Pass goes on sale for season two

The Lunar New Year patch nerfs Brigitte, buffs Reaper

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year 2019 event, celebrating the pig, starts Jan. 24

Overwatch’s Ana-focused ‘Bastet’ event kicks off today

Pro player punishments will be more visible in 2019

2019 Overwatch League season two schedule

Overwatch teases Winter Wonderland with legendary skins for Symmetra, Junkrat

Overwatch League roster changes for the 2019 season

Overwatch League announces road matches, opening schedule for Season 2

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event returns Dec. 11

Vancouver announces new Overwatch League team called Titans

Washington Justice is the latest team to join the Overwatch League

The next Overwatch major patch will require a full reinstall

The first Chinese Overwatch League expansion team is here: Guangzhou Charge

We’ve played Ashe, and we have a list of first impressions

The making of Overwatch’s next hero, Ashe (and BOB)