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Replays, balance changes come to the Overwatch PTR

Havana, Cuba is the newest Overwatch map on the PTR

The Overwatch test patch includes new Zenyatta and Lucio nerfs

Overwatch’s new PTR patch brings Paris and health pool changes

The Lunar New Year patch nerfs Brigitte, buffs Reaper

Catch up on the hero balance changes in Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland

More Brigitte and Doomfist changes are coming to the Overwatch PTR

New Overwatch PTR patch buffs McCree and Bastion, nerfs Doomfist

Roadhog, Reaper, Mercy, and Symmetra get buffed with today’s Overwatch patch

Halloween Terror 2018 brings a Torbjorn rework and lots of character changes

Get ready for Roadhog changes in the near future

Brigitte and Reinhardt fixes go live in today’s patch

Catch up on the Summer Games’ changes to support heroes

Zarya, Widowmaker, and more saw balance changes with the Summer Games

What we know about the Overwatch development road map

5 things to know about the July 24 Overwatch patch

Hamster-smash your enemies with our Wrecking Ball guide

Wrecking Ball is live with today’s Overwatch patch

Wrecking Ball’s cosmetics hit the Overwatch PTR

Sombra’s Overwatch PTR rework is getting some more changes

The June 28th Overwatch PTR patch includes a new hero, Sombra rework, and more

Overwatch patch 1.25 is now live, bringing along a new Symmetra

Orisa and Doomfist get buffed, Attack and Defense becomes “Damage” on Overwatch PTR

Horizon Lunar Colony, one of Overwatch’s most controversial maps, is getting reworked

Symmetra’s rework hits the PTR, makes her a damage hero

Overwatch buffs positive players with new social features

Overwatch devs are nerfing Hanzo’s Storm Arrows to stop one-shot kills

The latest Overwatch live patch buffs Lucio, nerfs Tracer, Junkrat, and Genji

Hanzo’s hero rework is now live (update)

We now know the details of Symmetra’s second Overwatch rework

Symmetra’s future rework will remove her from the support category

Junkrat, Genji, and Tracer get nerfs, Lucio gets buffed on the Overwatch PTR