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Retribution has been patched to fix the infuriating dropship issue

The Overwatch League All-Access Pass skins have been revealed

McCree’s Lifeguard skin just got a big buff

Overwatch’s April 10 patch contains more than just Retribution

Hanzo’s rework is coming to Overwatch soon and it looks fantastic

A buffet of balance changes and “Avoid as Teammate” hit the Overwatch PTR

Hero 27, Brigitte, has joined the Overwatch live roster

Catch up on the 2/27 Overwatch Patch Notes

Sombra’s mini-rework is now on live servers

Year of the Dog launches with these six new legendary skins (and more)

The Mercy and Junkrat nerfs are now live (update)

Blizzard is working on a possible replacement for Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow

Movement tweaks hit the Overwatch PTR, leading to Winston, Pharah buffs

Blizzard World and new skins hit Overwatch on January 23rd

Celebrating the best of Overwatch with the 2017 Pachimari Awards

Mercy and Junkrat receive big nerfs on the Overwatch PTR

A PTR update gives Doomfist bug fixes, quality of life buffs galore

Moira is live with Overwatch’s Nov. 16 Patch

Mercy’s new resurrect gets another nerf on PTR

Get up to date on the nerfs, buffs and tweaks to Lucio’s wall riding.

Get caught up on Overwatch’s ultimate changes

Junkenstein’s Revenge survival game mode returns to Overwatch

Halloween Terror 2017 is here, along with a suite of sick skins

Mercy gets a new round of changes on the Overwatch PTR

What you need to know about Genji’s new PTR changes

5 things to know about the September 19 Overwatch patch

The September 19th patch is live, and here are the full notes!

5 things you need to know about the August 29th Overwatch patch

Reworked Battle Mercy terrifies PTR players (but won’t make it to live)

Reinhardt gets a big buff on the new PTR patch

Get the facts on D.Va’s new Micro Missiles

Tentative D.Va rework would add new ‘Micro Missiles’ ability, nerf Defense Matrix